Grotte de Rouffignac

Trains in a cave, since 1959!

Caves belong to an environment where balance is precarious. When they contain cave art, respecting this balance becomes even more necessary.

Special precautions must be taken to conciliate visits and conservation, such as a limitation of the number of visitors or the management of lighting, both in time and intensity.

That is why the visit is done aboard electric trains, which channel visitors, provide the lighting and guaranty a relative discreetness to our repetitive frequentation of the cave. These facilities fit out as soon as 1959 are unique in an decorated cave.

Thanks to the trains, the one hour tour lets the visitor feel the impressive nature of the place and discover its prehistoric art without any tiredness or any danger for the preservation, while enjoying a real guided conference.

The first train of Rouffignac, starting point, in the 60th


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