Grotte de Rouffignac

 Your visit to Rouffignac cave



Ouverture saison 2020

 Tous les jours du 04 avril au 1° novembre 2020

05 avril au 30 juin

10h à 11h30

14h à 17h

1° juillet au 31 août

 9h à 11h30

14h à 18h

1° septembre
au 1° novembre 

10h à 11h30
14h à 17h

Groups (20 persons minimum) are exclusively received by appointment, from march the 1th to november the 30th.

Tickets distribution

Be careful

# Spring and autumn (march - june & september - october): 

Tickets are sold AM for morning tours and from 2 pm for afternoon tours.


# Summer (July-august): 

Tickets are sold since 9 AM for the tours in the day.

The hour of the tour is indicated on the ticket when it is sold.

It is not necessary to wait at the entrance of the cave if the waiting is long. But, It is very important to be at the departure 10 minutes before the tour.


 Fares  2020

Vous venez en familles :

Adulte : 7,90 €
Enfant (6-12 ans) : 5,20 €

Vous venez en groupes
(sur rendez-vous, 20 personnes minimum)

adulte : 5,60 €
Scolaire : 4 €




The tour is in french.

Nevertheless, viseo-guide (iPod Touch) exists in english, dutch, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, hebrbrew, chinese, japanese and russian.


Fares : 1,50 euros


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The cave is accesible from the motorway A89 by

the exits 16 (from Bordeaux) and 17 (from de Brive, Paris ou Clermont-Ferrand).


The cave is at 4 km southern the village of Rouffignac by the road D32. 

GPS indications : :

Latitude : 45° 00' 26"

Longitude : 0° 59' 16"


Practical information

-  A souvenirs and books shop will also be found there.

-  Outside, in a preserved natural environment, you will enjoy a shady picnic area and many walk trails

Be careful !

- Entries are limited. There is no reservation. Take your ticket(s) as soon as you arrive.
- In July and August we recommend you to come before 10.30 am, in order to avoid too long a wait.
- Bring warm clothes.
- For preservation reasons, animals are not accepted.

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